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Battery Check

Battery Check

From your car’s power control module, to its highly sophisticated ignition and electronic fuel injection systems, today’s modern vehicles rely heavily on their technologically advanced electrical components to keep them running at peak performance.

Therefore, it’s important to that you’re looking after your car, especially your battery. Your battery is “in charge” of making sure your car is ready to go whenever you are, but due to extreme weather conditions, heavy use and age, your battery’s ability to keep its peak performance can dwindle and leave you stranded when you least expect it.

Ordinarily, a vehicles alternator’s job is to supply a constant and consistent stream of power to all necessary components; all the while recharging your battery back to its full cranking potential. However, if a battery falls victim to extreme heat or heavy use over extended periods of time, tit may be internally damaged to the point it’s no longer rechargeable, thus rendering the battery useless and in need of replacement.

You can always trust the certified technicians of Temecula Tire and Auto Repair to test your batteries performance, and if your battery is found to be in need of a replacement, we carry a full line of batteries at an affordable price.