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Engine Tune Up

Tune Up

A tune-up used to be a go-to thing for many people but is it still so? Is there any benefit of a tune-up? Yes, there is, but it depends on the kind of vehicle you are talking about. Tune-ups are mostly for older cars, but if you have a new one, the owner’s manual will declare if your car is eligible for a tune-up.

Replacing the spark plug, adjusting timing and idle are all parts of a typical tune-up. Sometimes it can also include replacing ignition points, cap and the rotor as well as the ignition and spark plug wiring.

This procedure can be vital when servicing the vehicle but as with everything – there are some things to consider.

If the engine is running quite rough, a professional can diagnose the problem and resolve it. Same goes if a check engine light comes up. Get the issue diagnosed to make sure since there are different causes for this to happen.

Professionals will only consider and offer a tune-up if they think that there is a sound basis for it. They will look at the number of miles you have driven and the timeframe since the last time a tune-up happened. The make and year of your car will be in good hands of the specialists of Temecula Tire and Auto Repair.

They will diagnose and talk you through any problems they find since they have the right skills and technology to make sure your car runs well and without a hitch.