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Hoses & Belts

Hoses and Belts

Hoses are an important piece of your engine not to feel forgotten about. Coolant hoses regulate the temperature of the engine, keeping away from an overheated engine and costly problems. In addition, different belts control the power steering pump, water pump and the alternator pump.

If any of the belts are broken, or the hoses stop working, rest assured that the vehicle will perform abnormally or not work at all. The damage to either hoses or any of the belts can overheat the engine and cause irreparable damage. Thus, replacing these parts should be done as soon as these problems come up, or when signs of wear and tear are noticeable. If the hose is bulging or too soft or only corroded beyond repair, it needs replacement. As the tubes wear out from the inside, a certified technician can check for the wear and tear signs accurately. The belts need replacement if they’re torn, cracked, too stiff, or the straps are causing abnormal noises.

Temecula Tire and Auto Repair would check your car thoroughly and ensure that its engine is working in tip top condition. Any belts, hoses, or coolant replacement will help ensure the longevity of the engine, and better fuel efficiency and mileage.