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Shocks & Struts

Shocks and Struts

Absorbing the movement of the suspension is the job for your car’s shocks and struts. It helps you drive safely because the car stays on the road. When you take the suspension apart, struts are a notable part of the blueprint. Struts are an integral part of supporting the suspensions spring in the upper control arm and ball joint. Therefore, you should pay attention to the condition of this part.

As with all parts of the car, shocks and struts wear out and sometimes stop performing the way they should. That can affect your tires and damage the entire suspension making your car unsafe to drive. People lose control of the vehicle, and it can end very badly.

There are some ways to tell if there is a problem with the shocks or struts. Look at the tire wear and check if they are cupping. If things such as a leak of the hydraulic fluid or dents to the shock or strut body are in place, you might have a problem.

If you have an uneven driving experience and the nose of your car seems to go down when you break, it’s time to have a look at it.

One or more of these symptoms mean you should take your vehicle to a specialist for testing. Experienced mechanics at Temecula Tire and Auto Repair will perform an inspection to confirm or deny your suspicions. We utilize the latest diagnostic technology and are entirely dedicated to you to fix up your car and having you back on the road in no time.