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Transmission Repair or Replacement

Transmission Repair Replacement

One of the most complicated systems in a car is its transmission. At Temecula Tire and Auto Repair, our technicians are certified to do the work you need and will identify and fix any kinds of transmission issues. Our number one priority is to help our customers get back to driving as safe as possible and as quickly as we can.

Sometimes people make the mistake of believing that a minor transmission problem is a bigger issue than it is when all along an adjustment or service check from a professional can fix it right up. That’s why it is crucial to have a professional, such as, the Grade-A technicians from Temecula Tire and Auto Repair look at your car before any issues occur. We always begin with a complete look over of your vehicle before we give up on a transmission.

Sometimes mis-shifting or other transmission issues can be solved during a service check. In fact, we’ve discovered that more than 70% of transmission repairs end up being something minor. We will figure this out and offer you options and always get your approval before continuing with any kind of transmission repair. Our transmission rebuilds or replacements always include a complete look-over and cleaning of all external and internal parts, check-up and cleaning for the valve body unit; except for occasions where the manufacturer suggests not to do so, replacement of bad or worn internal parts (which includes measurement and the recommended adjustment of these parts) and relining of all bands, check-up and servicing the torque convertor, replacement of friction plates; disposable filter(s); and external as well as internal gaskets and seals, and a check-up and test for every electronic component inside the transmission.