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Smog Check

Car with smog check probe in tailpipe at Temecula Tire & Auto Repair

Temecula Tire & Auto Repair is licensed to do all smog inspections. Does your DMV Renewal Notice state “Test Only” or “Star Station?”  We Can Handle It! 

In California…

  • All model year 2000 or newer passenger vehicles are required to receive a periodic OBDII-based Smog Inspection. (Please see below for more information about OBDII).
  • 1976 – 1999 model year passenger vehicles may be required to receive a different smog inspection, based on the area of the state where the vehicle is registered. The City of Temecula and most portions of surrounding zip codes are designated as Enhanced Areas by the State of California, requiring a biennial Smog Inspection that includes an Acceleration Simulation Mode test for certain model years in order to test NOx emissions.
  • A smog check is required for all (statewide) 1976 or newer passenger vehicles that are either being registered for the first time in California or transferring ownership.



OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) is a vehicle’s computer system that monitors the emission’s control system and components with which that vehicle is equipped. The second generation On-Board Diagnostic systems installed on 1996 and newer passenger vehicles are referred to as OBDII (OBD-2). This OBDII system is designed to alert the driver by illuminating the Check Engine Light or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) in the event of an emissions-related malfunction. The system also stores important trouble codes that can be retrieved by a qualified technician and aid the technician in determining the cause of failure. The Smog Check for most 1996 and newer vehicles requires a testing of the OBDII system.


Smog Check

At Temecula Tire & Auto Repair we are licensed and certified to do any smog check or smog repair. We are a Star Certified Smog Test & Repair Station. If your DMV notice is directing you to a Test Only or Star Station, you can come to us and we’ll perform your state smog inspection. If you have a failed smog, we can perform the repair(s) that will get your car ready to pass the smog check. Count on us for all your smog check and car care needs. We are a full service automotive repair shop.


Consumer Assistance Program (CAP)

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair administers a program designed to assist income-eligible consumers financially with emissions-related repairs. Under the program, a consumer who meets certain program requirements may receive up to $500 in assistance repairing his/her vehicle at a Star Certified Test and Repair Station, if that vehicle has failed its biennial smog check.

Temecula Tire & Auto Repair is a Star Certified Test and Repair Station and can guide you through the application process for this financial assistance, if your vehicle has failed its biennial smog check inspection.

Program guidelines and eligibility requirements apply. Please call or come in for details. You may also learn more by clicking here, on the Bureau of Automotive Repair’s website.